Why Is My Hair Brittle?


Why is my hair brittle?! Why is it breaking? Is one of the top questions I’m asked daily…. So I am here to tell you why!

Reason One: Do you sit in the sun for hours try to get a beautiful summer tan? Did you put a UV protectant on your hair before you did that? Probably not… So what is happening is your hair is baking… And that is causing dryness.

Reason Two: We all are “straightener-aholics”.. We can’t help it… Our hair needs to be perfectly straight and frizz free. Now it’s okay to use hot tools on your hair if (and that’s a big IF) you use a heat protectant.

Reason Three: Chlorine is a killer. Have you felt your hair after going in a swimming pool? It feels rough and dried out. Try coating your hair with conditioner before coming in contact with chlorine.

Reason Four: Hair color (especially box color) is the last reason for your hair being brittle. Without using the proper conditioner after a color, you are in risk of breaking hair.


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