Anti-Aging… And I’m Only In My 20’s!?

Why do I need to worry about Anti-Aging in my 20’s? I’m young and invincible right?


A few years ago, I was reading an issue of my Seventeen Magazine and there was a huge article why college girls should be cautious about aging. It amazed me! Most college girls don’t think about how old they will look at 50. I hear every day, enjoy being wrinkle free now because one day you will look in the mirror and there is nothing you can do! Ever since then, I have been following these simple tricks to ensure I have healthy skin now and later in life!

1. Stay Out Of The Sun! – This is the most IMPORTANT!!! When I go to the beach, I watch women sit out in the sun for hours, just baking themselves. (While im under a hut with a hat and spf 50 sunscreen.) Why do they do it to themselves? They only care about the result that will last a week…… being golden tan. Then there are the women that can’t go on vacation; they go to the tanning beds. This is even worse!

Fact: 80-85% of aging is caused by the sun.

Question: How can I still look tan for the summer, I don’t want to look like a ghost! A few products that I use, to ensure I am not pasty white, are: St. Tropez Mousse, Tan Towelettes, Sally Hansen Self -Tanner, and Jergens Natural Glow Lotion!

Make sure you are using a foundation that has SPF as well!

2. Coconut Oil! –  Every single night I put coconut oil on my face to remove the makeup. It has so many benefits for your skin as well! I like to let it sit on my face for about 5-10 minutes. I find that it also acts as a moisturizer.

3. Take Your Vitamin D! – This is all the way around just good for your body. It helps to build the immune system, can help your mood (sometimes depression!), can help clear acne, and over time gives the face a natural glow!

I hope these tips helped you! If you have any beauty questions, feel free to email me:
anti aging tip and tricks for your 20s


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