Should I have Clean or Dirty Hair Before I Have My Hair Done For A Special Occasion?

This is the the number one question I am asked.. Should I have CLEAN or Dirty hair?

Every single person is different… greasy and oily hair is not easy to work with.. you can use all of the dry shampoo in the world and it’s just not the same as clean hair. Now some people could go a week without washing their hair while others find daily showers to work best, to keep their hair oil free.

I like all of my brides, bridesmaids, prom girls, and other special occasion beauties to have their hair WASHED AND CLEAN!

Why? Everyone has told me that my hair will work best with dirty hair?  All of those people told you that because they don’t understand the power of product. It is so much easier to make clean hair dirty than it is to reverse it!

I hope this answered your question! And if it didn’t contact me!

Dirty or Clean Hair Before an Updo?


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