Why Shouldn’t I Straighten My Hair Before An Updo?

My curly haired girls…

Please.. Whatever you do… DO NOT straighten your hair before a special occasion. I get so many excuses to why it is a must!

“But I’m warning you my hair is a big frizz ball.”

“But my hair is just too big.”

“But I always straighten my hair before a special occasion.”

The reasons why I don’t like it when girls straighten their hair:

Your hair will not have a nice curl.

Your hair will not hold a curl long enough.

Sometimes I like to do a “Blow Dry” Set.. Which is when I use a round brush and blow dry to help

straighten and curl at the same time. Then I go back over each of them with a curling iron to smooth and had

a glossy finish.

Why shouldn't I straighten my hair before an updo?

I hope this answered all of your questions about why you shouldn’t straighten your hair! If it didn’t contact me!

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