Why I Love Make-Up Primers!

Primers… What do they do? Why are they so important?

It’s amazing what a difference a primer can make. There are several different types for primers.. some for oily skin, redness, dry skin, yellow skin… you name it and there is a primer out there! I have found that when I don’t use a primer, the foundation doesn’t look smooth nor does it show the pigmentation of the foundation.

If you are going to be taking a lot of pictures or are going to a special occasion, a primer is a must! You want your skin to look dewy and glowing.

Summer heat is the worst! Even the most caked on makeup drips off your face! A primer will help your makeup last longer. All of your friends will be asking “Why do you still look so beautiful on this 100 degree day? :)”

A lot of times, I have guests saying “I don’t want a primer all over  my face because……….” and they come up with million different reasons why! If you fall into the No Primer  category, here is a quick little tip for you! Try putting primer under the eyes. If you have dark circles, bags, wrinkles, or redness this will help the concealer and foundation cover better!

Going Shopping? Did I convince you that it’s important to use a primer? Here are my favorite primers!

For a drugstore deal – Try Hard Candy Primer $8!

For a high end product – smashbox starts at $36!

If you need any tips or advice feel free to contact me!


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