5 Reasons To Buy Professional Shampoo & Conditioner!

I have a confession….. before I started professionally doing hair I used the drug store Shampoo and Conditioners!

They were cheap, some smelled good, and they were easy to get! Looking back, those were silly reasons to not buy the professional products! Throughout beauty school, I still couldn’t switch over…. it was a habit now… and I didn’t want to try and form a new one!

I FINALLY CAVED. Ever since the day I started buying professional products, I have loved them! Often times I ask myself.. “how did I live without them!”

Here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t live without them!

1. They last longer! – I found that my drugstore shampoos and conditioners required me to use more of the product! That’s when I discovered, I was probably spending more money than if I had just invested a little money!

2. Heat Is Killing Your Hair! – Do you use heat on your hair everyday? Than professional products are must! In order to protect the hair and repair it… you don’t want shampoo that strips your hair… and makes it more unhealthy! Find a good moisturizing products!

3. Wax Texture! – You want soft hair right? Those drugstore brands are just putting a coat of wax on your hair… and that is not healthy!

4. You made an investment! – Do you get your hair cut and colored on a regular basis? You probably spent any where from $100 -$300 dollars on your hair! That’s a huge investment, you want it to last! Think of your car. It cost a lot of money so you want to take care of it. You will spend a little extra to get the Premium Car Wash. The same thing goes for your hair!

5. Sulfates that could cause cancer! – I bet you didn’t know that many of the drugstore shampoos and conditioners are made with water and sulfates. Now some sulfates are okay, while others are very dangerous and could even cause cancer! Be sure to protect yourself as well!

If you have any more questions to why professional shampoos and conditioners are important, contact me!


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