Keeping Your Make-Up Balanced Is Key!

Have you ever seen someone with sparkly eyeshadow, dark lined eyes, bright red cheeks, and then to top it all off, a red lip!?

Okay you probably haven’t seen anyone to that extreme, but probably a combination of a few of them! This is what I consider to be unbalanced makeup. For everyday makeup When I’m doing makeup, I pick one feature that I want to highlight. Here are a few combinations that you can try:

1. Sparkly Eye Shadow + Top Lid Eye Liner + Matte Cheek + Matte Lip

2. Dark Lined Eyes + Nude Tone Eye Shadows + Contoured Face + Natural/Nude Lip

3. Bright Cheeks + Nude Tone Eye Shadows + Thin Eyeliner + Nude/Very Light Pigmented Lips

4. Bright Red Lips + Natural Eye Shadows + Liner (Thick or Think On Top Lid) + Clean Face + Soft Contouring

These are my tips for Everyday Makeup! If you need any advice, tips, or even an appointment definitely contact me 🙂

Balanced Makeup is Key!


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