Why I love White Eyeliner!

It’s amazing what makeup can do.. here are a few things we can do, make our face appear skinnier, eyes wider, and lips more plump.

Today’s tip is for the girls who have small or close set eyes. Did you ever notice how black eyeliner makes your eyes appear smaller? So then we end up not lining our eyes at all!

***** Drum Roll Please ********

WHITE EYELINER! It is amazing. I love black liner, so what I do  is line my top lid. Then on my bottom water line, I place some white eyeliner. It’s amazing how big in makes my eyes appear! Although, sometimes it can look fake. To avoid this, I always smudge the white liner a little. You can use a smudging brush or even a Q-Tip!

Quick and easy! If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment Contact me!white eyeliner tips and tricks


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