Why Do You Need To Wear False Lashes To A Special Event?

When I am having a consultation with one of my guests, I usually ask them if they would like to wear false lashes. Some girls are like “Absolutely!”, while others are extremely hesitant! If you fall into the hesitant category.. keep reading because I may just convince you to wear them!

There are many different types of lashes. Some are full and extremely long, while others a short and sparse. There are partial lashes and full lashes. Colored or black. Clear banded or black. The list just goes on!

When you are going somewhere special, usually there are thousands of pictures being taken and people you haven’t seen in ages! Isn’t it nice to look a little special? Both of my parents were photographers, so I pretty much  grew up with it. One of the biggest things I have learned is that makeup looks very minimal in pictures. You need to put on A LOT of make-up for it to show up. You would need a really full and long set of lashes for people to realize that they aren’t real!

For my girls who are hesitant, I like to use Partial Lashes. They are placed on the outer corner of the eye and are there to give a polished look. Your lashes will look natural yet finished!

If you have any further questions feel free to contact me!


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