Signs That Show You Are Ready For A New Hairstyle

Do you feel like your hair could use something different? Maybe you are afraid of change… or maybe you just really like the hairstyle you have.

WE ALL go through this…. some people need to have a different color, cut, or style every month… where others will go years or even decades without a change! Check out these three signs that show you are in need of a new hairstyle!

Sign #1: When you look through your selfies or past photos, they all look similar. Your hair has the same exact style in every. single. photo.

Sign #2: Your hair gets thrown up in a ponytail…. even when you aren’t at the gym!

Sign #3: Hats, headbands, and other hair accessories become part of your everyday outfit. We all know why. We are just trying to distract others from how bad our hair is looking.

Sign #4: You’ve stopped getting compliments on how cute, or great, your hair looks on you.

Sign #5: You hair can no longer hold tease… because it’s just too heavy! (Okayy this one doesn’t apply to anyone but me…. hahah this is my sign I need a new hairstyle!)

Hope this helped! Make sure to schedule your NEW HAIRSTYLE appointment today!


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