Summer Sun: Protecting Hair and Scalp from UV

Do you have a summer vacation coming up? Maybe endless sporting events in the sun? or Possibly a summer barbecue?

What makes these things even better? A little Summer Sun!!

You probably are putting sunscreen on your little ones, making sure they don’t get burnt. You might even be using sunscreen on yourself. If you aren’t taking these precautions, your BB cream or foundation has spf in it to protect your face. The one thing we don’t think about is our scalp and hair. The suns UV rays are beating down onto our scalp and hair while we are enjoying our events. Often times, we will end up with a burnt scalp. It also takes out a lot of the moisture in your hair… making it look dry and unhealthy!

How to prevent these problems:

Wear a hat (probably not the most attractive way!)

Wear a headband or bandanna.

Put your hair up in a ponytail or updo.

Mix a little water and sunscreen in a spray bottle. Then mist over hair every few hours.

Buy sun protecting spray from your salon!



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