My Cell Phone Is Giving Me Acne???

Is your iphone…  giving you acne?? Thats crazy right?!

That’s what I thought too until I talked to an estheticianist. I was doing a photo shoot and I was asking this woman why I kept getting a line of acne down the side of my cheek bone. I wash my face every night. I don’t touch my face. It just didn’t add up. Then she asked “Are you on your cell phone daily?” I told her every day I use my cell phone to get in touch with clients. Thats when she told me that there is bacteria on our cell phones… and we just are pushing it into the skin……. and trapping it.

Since I have become aware of this, I have been sanitizing my phone daily and making sure to hold it away from face while I’m on the phone. It’s amazing because I have not seen any acne.

Hope this helped!




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