Tips For Long Lasting Hairstyles: Weddings, Proms, and Special Occasions!

Many girls have asked me…. “How can I make my hairstyle last through the night??”

Here are 5 of my tips to help hairstyles last longer:

1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Hairspray!

2. Hair should have more volume….. and tighter curls. Before you are walking down the isle… or getting ready to dance the night away….

you should opt for more volume and tighter curls. The hair is naturally going to fall!

3. Hair accessories help to hold the hair in place. Headbands, broaches, and other hair pieces.

4. Wash your hair the night before. Your hair will be dirty enough to work with but clean enough to feel human.

5. Opt for an Updo.  Whenever it rains on someones special day, I always try to steer them in this direction.  An updo….. for the most part…

wont move around too much (won’t loose volume or curls) this is why I LOVE this option.


I hope these tips helped you! If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment email me at


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