How To Care For Your Make-Up Brushes?

As a make-up artist, I have 2 sets of every brush. Keeping up on cleaning all of the brushes can get get difficult when you are on weddings or have back to back appointments.

But when I’m caring for my brushes in between clients, these are the steps I take:

1. Take a sensitive skin baby wipe. Swirl the brush around on it until you stop seeing product on the  wipe.

2. Spray a sanitizing spray (Bareminerals makes a great one!).

3. On a dry towel swirl the brush again to dry.

Once I get back to the salon, I do a thorough cleaning.

1. Complete steps 1-3 above.

2. Use some gentle shampoo (I often use baby shampoo). Put it in a bowl and dip the brush into it.

3. Swirl the brush in your hand.

4. Rinse in water.

5. Swirl on a towel.

6. Let dry.


That is a great and simple way to clean your brushes. Be sure to do this in between each time you put make-up on your face. It will help to not spread bacteria and acne.

If you have any questions feel free to message me……




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