Classic {Old Fashioned} Set: Weddings And Proms

At every single wedding, prom, or special event I have been apart of, the classic set is usually everyones favorite part of the getting ready process.

old fashioned classic set wedding prom special occasion

(This is me….. My past brides and prom girls have been waiting for me to show off my set!)

I hear laughs and giggles as each girl gets their set. They take selfies with each other and the send them to their Groom, Fiances, and Boyfriends. The caption usually reads something like this : “Good Morning Babe!!! I’m almost done. I just have to get my make-up done. What do you think?!”

And the responses they get are priceless…… Some are very sweet and will say ” You look beautiful!” and others are like “Yeah right!! I know you would never leave the house like that!”

The getting ready process continues…. Make-up… False Lashes… and a little lipstick!!

That’s when I begin to unclip the set………..

Old Fashioned classic set wedding prom special occasion reaction

Everyone begins shaking their head… so the curls bounce around. These reactions are the BEST!! It’s these moments that we don’t forget!





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