Why Do I Love Updo’s And Braids For Weddings & Special Occassions??

Humidity…. Rain…. Heat… Sweat… Fans… Wind… Snow… And Dancing the night away…..

This all contributes to your hair. Think of how many factors could change the way your hair holds a curl.

Some women have fine hair (that doesn’t like to stay curly) while others have thick course hair that would hold any style (Rain or shine!)

When choosing a style for your big day you should be thinking about the following questions:

1. Is my wedding indoors or outdoors?

2. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter?

3. Do I want to look the same by the end of the night? Or will I no longer care?

4. Is my hair fine or course?

5. Think or thin?

6. Does my hair like to hold a curl?

7. Will that style go with my dress? {I will be doing a post about what type of hairstyle to wear with your dress!)

8. Short or long hair? Layers?

9. What do I typically do with my hair? (You should think of doing something different)

10. Do I plan on Dancing The Night Away???? – In that case updo for sure! haha

In most cases I would choose and updo, so that you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of the night! It’s up and out of your way! Simple and easy 🙂

I hope this helped! This is why trials are awesome… I can’t tell you how many girls come in wanting one style then decided on something totally different!

Talk to you soon!



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