Popular Prom Styles 2015

Many girls are keeping it traditional this year. I’m finding that the bohemian…. messy with a purpose look…. is really in style!

Side Swept – This style will probably be one of the top ways girls will want their hair for prom. The hair is down, yet feels pinned up because it’s swept to the side. Braids are a nice way to mesh the two styles together!

Updos – Of course this will always be a very common way to be styled for prom! It’s out of the face… so you are free to dance and party without it moving out of place. Headband Braids will also be common!

Classic Curled Hair – Some girls will be daring…… and go for this look! You do risk it falling out through out the night. Then again… who cares what you look like by then!

Vintage, Pin-up, and Waves – This will be huge… everyone’s loving the old Hollywood trend!

Braids… and more Braids- I personally love them… they had so much texture to a style! These will be popular with side swept looks, half updos, and upstyles! I’m really excited for the bohemian look this year!

I hope this helped with some of the trends… I will be posting my spring styles collection soon! Stay tuned for that!



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