Lovin’ Summer Hair

I don’t know about you…… but my hair has not been loving the humidity. I know my curly hair clients have been complaining of super frizzy and BIG hair. I on the other hand fit into the straight and flat hair category. It seems to do absolutely nothing….. and messy buns don’t work either.

Lately I’ve been experimenting more with braids or the beachy hair look. And now I’m loving it!

I’ve found you have to fall in love with the hair you have. We ALL have ‘problems’ with it… and to be honest… one isn’t better than the other.

There are SO SO SO many days I wish I could have that kinky curly frizzy hair. It looks so beautiful in a messy bun. Although that’s not what I’ve been blessed with.

Learn to LOVE.. and EMBRACE your beauty.

What team do you fall under.. Curly or Straight??



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