New Series I’ll be blogging about!!

lhm wedding dress hair and makeup styles taste how to pick out right look bride bridesmaid

This new series I am starting is all about finding the perfect hair and make-up look for your dress. Make sure to check back every Wednesday to see a new tip… Y’all know its #WeddingWednesday !!!

I often find that brides fall in love with a gown that isn’t quite what they originally had envisioned. Maybe they pictured an “Old Hollywood”look,  but found a more modern gown. When a bride comes into the salon asking for a Classic Pin-Up Look, I’m expecting a vintage style dress and/or theme to the wedding. Although it may be the look they have always pictured, doesn’t mean its the right style for her dress.

We are going to break down the do’s and don’t of Bridal Hair & Make-Up. If you would like to receive an email, when the post goes out… Email me at . I will definitely add you to my email list!

Who’s super excited about this series????? I know I can’t wait!



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