What Hairstyle Is Best With A Strapless Gown?

Hey ladies……. it’s #WeddingWednesday !! I’m super excited about this blog post. I hope you enjoy it!

When deciding what hairstyle will be best with a strapless gown, there are MANY factors that are important to think about. Especially if you feel undecided, these Q&A’s will really help you figure out what is best for your Wedding.

My go to look for a strapless gown is either hair down or half-updo. Since there is so much skin showing on top, it’s great to balance it with one of theses looks.

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Here are a few things to consider:

  1. {The weather.} – If its raining or very humid (which it is here in NY 90% of the time….) hair down or half-updos are not a good idea. You will be running around all day, six or more hours, and that style is very easy to fall out. You don’t want to be at the ceremony with your hair pin straight or frizzy curly again.
  2.  {Indoor or Outdoor} – An indoor wedding allows a little more wiggle room. A hair down style with your strapless dress is absolutely perfect for this type of venue. With an outdoor venue, you definitely need to think about the risk of weather.
  3. {The Type Of Wedding} – Some venues are a bit more upscale. That will call for a more elegant upstyle.

How do I decided between a half-updo and hair down for my strapless gown?

  1. {Be Realistic} – Think about the few factors above. Don’t try to down play anything just because you have a certain look in mind.
  2.  {Your Dress Style: Simple or Detail?} – For a very simple gown I would say to go with a Half-Updo. This will balance out the simplicity with a bit of detail to your hair. I would suggest finding some hair jewelery to finish the look! For a more detailed dress, hair down and curled is perfect and simple. Remember you want the attention to go to you… Not distracted by how busy your hair, make-up, and dress look together.
  3. {Hair In Your Face} – For many people this can be the most annoying thing ever! If so definitely style it half up… it will save you frustration…… And the dreaded ear tucking in pictures. 😉
  4.  {Are You The Bride or a Bridesmaid?} – The Bride can choose whatever style she thinks would suit her best…. but the bridesmaids can’t over do her! If the Bride is doing a half-up I would definitely do hair down.. always go simpler.

I hope these tips helped on choosing what style will work best for your strapless gown. If you have any questions just email me at LexieTheHairstylist@gmail.com



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