Best Hair Tips For After The Wedding

What do you do with your hair the day after your wedding?? It depends on your plans…. are you doing a family celebration or some honeymoon traveling?

One of the first things to remember is YOU DON’T HAVE TO WASH YOUR HAIR! It will pretty much go into a quick easy style the next day.. even if you have oily hair. You may need a touch of baby powder, cocoa powder, or dry shampoo to absorb it. There will be so much product in your hair that you can simply brush through it and style it any way you’d like! You should still have a bit of volume which always makes your hair look better too.

best hair tips for after your wedding day night party honeymoon style


For a family celebration or morning brunch, one of the best ways to style your hair is a simple side braid!

1. Comb through your hair.

2. Part to the side.

3. Braid hair to one shoulder.

4. Pull a bit at the crown to get some volume……. And you are done!!

For your honeymoon traveling, one of the best ways to style your hair is in a messy low bun! Especially if you have finge (aka bangs), it will look adorable!

1. Lightly run your fingers through your hair. You many need to use a soft bristle

brush to smooth all that tease on the top!

2. Gather hair to one side and create a low messy bun using a hair tie. If you have

bangs leave them out.

3.  Pull some pieces out around your face. You can also gently pull your hair in the

crown area for more volume……. And you are done!

If you would like to wear your hair down, I would suggest combing through it (not with a soft bristle brush… that will make it frizzy!) and then curling it. You shouldn’t need to add any volume or tease to the top.

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