Why a Hairstylist Thinks Hair Is The Least Important Detail Of Your Wedding

Growing up, I always pictured looking like a princess on my wedding day. Having people doing my hair and make-up and being pampered. Although,  I think that’s what every girl imagines their special day to be like.

One day, one of my clients asked what I imagined my wedding day like. That’s when it hit me.. my mind had changed about the way I saw weddings.

Over the past three years, I have seen everything from a bridezilla to the I-Don’t-Care bride. Surprisingly, more often than not, brides are so worried about the show they are about to put on for their friends and family.. that they lose sight of what they are celebrating. Their marriage.

Mothers of the bride (MOB) sometimes add to that pressure. Making the bride feel as though she must look perfect. Other times, several of the brides friends get married around the same time.. it causes her to overthink and try to out do her friends. In many cases, the bride has high expectations. She has dreamed of this day and spent too much time on pinterest!

So what happened to celebrating your marriage and enjoying the moment?

We all know you aren’t trying to impress your husband-to-be with your fancy updo or fake extensions. As i’ve heard from many grooms, ‘she could walk down in a messy bun and I’d think she was the most beautiful girl in the world’

This is my advice.

  1. Enjoy your day.
  2. Remember that one piece of hair (that’s bothering you)…. doesn’t really matter.
  3. No one will remember what your hair looked like.
  4. Be confident.
  5. Don’t over analyze it.
  6. You are beautiful no matter what.

Don’t worry about what you look like.. Just worry about being the best wife you can!

~Lexwhy a hairstylist thinks hair is the least important detail thing for your wedding


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