Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. My Business Success – In January 2016, it will be two years since I started my business Lexie Hair & Make-Up. The amount of growth I have seen is incredible. The hearts I’ve touched.. and weddings I have been a part of have all made me realize how grateful I am to be living my dreams. Without the brides… I would be no where. Thank you for believing and trusting in me.


  1. My Family – Having a beautiful and loving family to support me is amazing. Even when times get rough, I know they have my back. I’m thankful for my moms listening ear, for my dads wisdom, for my little brother’s caring attitude, and for my sisters smiles and laughter.


  1. My Boyfriend – Loving me through all the crazy things life throws at us. I can’t thank him enough for always encouraging  me to follow my dreams. He is always there to remind that everything will be “Fine.” He’s my best friend and listening ear. I thank you for all of your kindness and patience.


  1. Coffee – Thank you for giving me that extra kick in the morning and for motivating me even after a stressful day!


  1. God – I’m so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with such an amazing life. One that is always adventurous and crazy. I’m grateful for his unconditional love for me.

Happy Thanksgiving Y’All!


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