How To Choose Photos For Your Hair Trial?

One of the biggest mistakes a bride will make, when coming into the salon, is being unprepared. This can be in a couple different ways. Either way too many pictures or absolutely none.

Tips How To Find Photos To Bring To Your Hair Trial Hairstylist Hairdresser advice updo stylist artist

Here are some tips to finding the best pictures  to bring to your trial.


  1. Hair Color – Only bring in photos with your hair color. For example a brunette should not bring in blonde photos. One of the many reasons this is important, is because blonde styles tend to show more detail and texture.


  1. Similar Style – Figure out what style you love. Bringing in a photo of an updo, half-updo, and hair down can be confusing to both you and the stylist. Another example, is if you like a vintage flare, don’t bring in very modern looks that you think are pretty.


  1. Hair Length – Look for styles that are similar to your hair length and cut. If you have medium length hair that is thin, don’t look for styles that are of long hair models with a ton of volume. This will give you false expectations. (Keep in mind if you love long thick hair, you can use extensions!)


  1. Only 3-5 Photos – Bringing too many photos can cause confusion. Stick to just a few that you really like.


Hopefully these tips will help you to find better pictures for your trial! Happy Wedding Planning!


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