Q: How far in advance should I book my trial?

A: 2-6 Months. If you feel like you are very indecisive, I would stay closer to the 2 or 3 month


Q: How do I secure my date?

A: First check with me to see if it is available. The next step is sending in your deposit.


Q: How much is the deposit?

A: I ask for 50% of the Brides services to secure the date. Eight weeks prior to the wedding, I

ask for 25% of the bridal parties services.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept (For Trial, Deposit, or Wedding Day)?

A: Cash, Check, or Credit Card.


Q: Where do I send my deposit?

A: For checks and cash, mail them to: Alexis Voelker

4 Rose Court

Ballston Lake, NY 12019

For credit card, call me at 518.269.1772


Q: Do bridesmaids have to pay a deposit?

A: No, I just as that eight weeks before your wedding, 25% of their services are paid for!


Q: What if my bridesmaids/attendants are indecisive about what services they would like?

A: I need finalized numbers of how many Hair & Make-Up eight weeks before your wedding.

Whatever the final numbers are, that is what you are expected to pay day of. If for some

reason a bridesmaid does NOT want a service day of the wedding, they can either give it

to another attendant or the bride will be responsible to pay for the service (regardless if the

services has been performed or not.


Q: Can a bridesmaid/attendant ADD a service day of or weeks leading up to the wedding?

A: Yes, bridesmaids/attendants can always add a service, they just can’t cancel them. For

those who choose to add services day of, will need to understand that the other

bridesmaids/attendants will receive their services first.


Q: How should I come for the trial?

A: Wash your hair the night before and come with a clean face. No make-up please!!


Q: How should I prepare my hair and make-up for the day of my wedding?

A: Wash your hair the night before and come with a clean face. No make-up please!!


Q: Are there any minimums or maximums for the number of attendants I have?

A: Yes. I am a one woman show. I will do the following combinations

  1. Bride Hair & Make-Up + 4 Bridesmaids Hair
  2. Bride Hair & Make-Up + 4 Bridesmaids Make-Up
  3. Bride Hair + 4 Bridesmaids Hair
  4. Bride Hair + 4 Bridesmaids Make-Up
  5. Bride Make-Up + 5 Bridesmaids Hair
  6. Bride Make-Up +  5 Bridesmaids Make-Up
  7. Bride Hair & Make-Up + 3 Bridesmaid Hair & Make-Up

If you have more bridesmaids than I have suggested above, I will only guarantee those girls. If you would like all of your bridesmaids done by me, we may need to allow more time.


Q: Is the On Location Fee included in the “Standard Bride Package”?

A: Yes of course! The package includes – Wedding Trial, Day Of Hair + Make-Up + False

Lashes, On Location Fee for the first 20 miles.


Q: Do you offer a touch up kit?

A: I give each of my brides a mini can of hairspray, extra bobby pins, and mini lipstick!


Q: Do you bring a team with you?

A: No I am a one woman show 🙂 I do have other stylists I can reach out to if you need more services that I can do.

Q: Do you have stylists I can reach out to if I need more services than what you can do?

A: Yes! I will give you a list of recommended stylists. They are willing to use the prices I offer. Since we work together often, we are more than happy to still offer the packages to your bridesmaids.

Q: What if one of the recommended stylists doesn’t show?

A: Since they are NOT part of my team, the stylist is responsible for not showing.

Q: Do you travel to destination wedding?

A: Yes! Email me for pricing.


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